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Short - Terms Rental Financing

Our short-term rental financing program offers tailored solutions for investors aiming to capitalize on Florida’s thriving tourism industry. Designed to facilitate entry into the state’s lucrative rental market, our program provides specialized loans suited to various property types, including vacation rentals, Airbnb properties, and condotels.

Loan Programs :

DSCR Loan:

Ride the income wave! Based on property cash flow.
No need for personal income proof. Let your property do the talking!

Self-Employed Loan:

Your hustle, our support! Qualify based on your income
Property’s success speaks volumes: no income proof needed.

Bridge Loan:

Fast-track your dreams! Collateral-based for quick qualification.
No need for personal income proof. Let your property do the talking!


Exploring real estate investment opportunities in the US unveils a realm of potential for both seasoned and aspiring investors.

Loan Programs :

DSCR or No Ratio Loan:
Based on property cash flow, ideal for borrowers with variable income or unable to provide personal income proof.
Lite Doc Loan:
Requires minimal income documentation, suitable for self- employed or employed borrowers.
Bank Statement Loan:
Verifies income through bank statements, ideal for self- employed borrowers showing regular income deposits.
Asset Utilization Loan:
Evaluates creditworthiness based on assets rather than income, suitable for retirees, entrepreneurs, and those with significant assets.
Bridge Loan:
Provides quick, short-term financing for urgent investment needs, suitable for fix-and-flip projects or competitive market purchases
Foreign Nationals Loan:
Tailored for foreign nationals looking to invest in U.S. residential properties, offering various financing options.


Unlike traditional loans, bridge loans prioritize the value of the property being used as collateral over the borrower’s financial situation. This collateral-based approach makes bridge loans accessible to borrowers who may struggle to meet traditional loan qualifications. The appraisal of the property determines the loan amount, making bridge loans a flexible solution in various scenarios where immediate funding is necessary.

Loan Programs :

Bridge loans for home purchase
Single-family home bridge loan
Construction bridge loans.
Hard money bridge loan
Bridge loans for bad credit


Discover a new path to homeownership across the US with our ground-breaking “No Ratio Loan” mortgage program! Leave behind the hassle of income verification and DTI worries. Whether you’re self-employed, traditionally employed, or exploring unconventional paths, we’re here to support you. Secure your dream home or refinance effortlessly. Don’t let traditional lenders limit your options- take control of your journey today!
No DTI calculations on no-proof-of-income loans for both self-employed and traditionally employed individuals.

Loan Programs :

Self-Employed Individuals
Individuals with Unconventional Income Sources
Borrowers with High Debt-to-Income (DTI) Ratios

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