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Operational Deal Services, Deal Strategy, and Value Creation in Corporate Finance

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Operational Deal Services

In 2023, our Operational Deal Services team has actively engaged in assisting clients with corporate finance initiatives, executing acquisitions, and facilitating capital raising. Our Deal Services focus remains on supporting businesses in their investment endeavours, preparing for owner transition/exit, and navigating the evolving landscape of corporate finance.

Looking ahead to the second half of 2023, our assessment indicates that the Mergers and Acquisitions market presents significant opportunities for both buyers and sellers. With interest rates approaching their apex and the resolution of the US debt ceiling crisis, coupled with technological advancements like generative AI, the market is characterized by dynamic conditions, fostering transformational opportunities.

Against this backdrop, companies find themselves well-positioned to undertake substantial moves, while mid-market transactions are anticipated to play a dominant role in shaping the market landscape. Our team and Deal Services bring extensive transaction experience to guide clients through these intricate corporate finance processes.

Deal Strategy

To ensure the success of a deal, dealmakers must focus on pre-sale preparation and readjust expectations about pricing. This involves leveraging alternative funding avenues, raising funds strategically, and utilizing value creation levers such as portfolio optimization, digitalization, business model changes, and green tax credits. Emphasizing cost savings through due diligence is crucial to enhancing the overall deal strategy.

Moreover, effective due diligence is not only essential during the initial stages of a deal but also plays a crucial role in post-transaction integration. This ongoing process aids in identifying areas for optimization, helping businesses to seamlessly integrate new acquisitions into their existing operations.

In the constantly evolving landscape of corporate finance, the ability to navigate complex deals and evaluate the intricacies of each transaction is paramount. Whether it’s assessing the financial health of a potential business partner or scrutinizing the finer details of a deal, due diligence serves as a vital tool for dealmakers.

Private Equity Clients

In our work with private equity clients, our primary focus is to advise and support companies in managing their funds strategically for future growth. We collaborate closely with organizations to create tailored solutions that address the unique challenges and opportunities within their business landscape. Our dedicated team specializes in risk management, providing invaluable insights to navigate uncertainties and seize opportunities. By advising on effective fund management, we empower businesses to not only weather challenges but also to thrive in dynamic markets. Through our comprehensive approach, we assist private equity clients in optimizing their business structure, ensuring efficient use of funds, and fostering a resilient organization poised for a successful future.

Value Creation

Cross Border Capital Advisors is dedicated to facilitating clients in realizing their objectives through a spectrum of comprehensive services in corporate finance. With our extensive experience and expertise, we provide tailored solutions to meet the distinct needs of each business. Our team of professionals collaborates closely with clients, offering strategic guidance and practical insights critical for key decision-making in joint ventures, fostering long-term growth.

Whether navigating complex tax regulations, optimizing financial performance, implementing effective business strategies/reports, or ensuring compliance, our team employs innovative approaches to deliver measurable results. Through our integrated approach and deep industry knowledge, we empower businesses to overcome critical challenges, seize key opportunities, and achieve their desired outcomes.